精彩活動-【國際志工 (世浩/Melvin) 雅德賽思 週遊記-1 First Week in Taiwan…… 20151214】

 國際志工 (世浩/Melvin) 雅德賽思 週遊記-1    First Week in Taiwan…….
Before I came to Taiwan, my perception in my mind was somewhat negatively distorted by the media, sorry to say, they are either scary orunpleasant. It unfamiliarity scares me because I would be all alone in an entire new environment. My understanding towards Taiwan is also shallow and very much influenced by the negative news bombarded by the media, whereby Taiwan is a place of Chinese entertainment.
Thank God for this trip, after the first week in Taiwan, I have started to change my personal perception towards this marvellous place. 
First day (7/12/2015)
It is the first day to start my work; the leader brought me to the kindergarten to meet the children there. When I reached there, I had breakfast with all the children but most of them felt shy and did not want to talk with me.  After a loam lesson with them, they tried to get closer with me. They tried to ask me some questions that they want to knowabout me such as where I come from and my name. After knew my name, they had given me a nickname to easy them to call me which is “xiaoshigege”. This has showed them are trying to communicate with me and accept me as a teacher to teach them. I realised that the children in Taiwan at these ages which is 3-6 are so sensible. It is because although they will be naughty but they are willing listen the advice by teachers. Moreover, the children will also independently to help teachers to take care the children who younger than them.
Today I am having a meeting with all the teachers of the programme which is “Dream beyond Your Language – Kids as Your Teacher.” The leader of the programme has introduced me to all the teachers and next section is open question hour which let all the teachers ask the questions that they want to know from me. After the meeting, I had lunch at Mos Burger which is a burger chain store from Japan with a teacher called Angeline from group 035 (永平). She introduced herself and told me that she studied in USA. She visited my country, Malaysia for few days for working purposes. Miss Angeline has also shared with me about her own opinion about less stressful education system which will enable the students to study more efficiently and helping them to be life-long learners instead of studying to have good results. Although this is the first time we meet each other, but both of us behave like old friends as we kept talking and exchange the experience and knowledge of ourselves. It was a pleasant experience.
Fourth Day (10/12/2015)
I have attended the class appointment by a teacher called Miss Cassie which from group 048 (文昌). The purpose of this appointment with me is for me to join their group’s activity and train the children interpersonal skills in how to face strangers. We had lunch together and during the lunch time Itried to communicate with the children. They are children who aged from 9 – 11. I tried my best to find a topic to talk with them such as sport, school, and personal hobby. During the lunch time, they were still reluctantfor a conversation becauseI am a stranger. But, during the movie section, they started to talk with me to ask some of my own information and experience about my life. After the movie, we brought the children back to their houses, while Miss Cassie brought me to a night market called “Shi Ling Night Market.”The food is absolutely amazing, tantalizing my taste buds! Unfortunately, it wasraining and we have to head back home early.
This is the first week of activitiesI did in Taiwan. After the first week, my perception has totally changed. The smile of the children helped me to forget my worries and concern and I also learned new things which the Taiwanese language from the children. In addition, the kindness and helpfulness of Miss Angeline and Miss Cassie helped me a lot in my journey and it has helped me to experience and appreciate the kindness of Taiwanese.